You can get them now!

I’m so excited to tell you that you can now purchase any of my 4 sampler designs over at Amazon! Outlines of the designs, including the grid and the border, are printed directly onto the fabric. All you have to do is stitch over them! Easy peasy! Floss and extras are included in the kit.

Click any of the images to purchase. Choose from:

Wedding (You can personalize the center square with the lucky couple’s names and date)



Home (This one is also available at Hobby Lobby)



Crafty (My personal favorite!)


Baby (You can personalize the center square with the baby’s name and info)



Also available is a blank grid and frame printed on fabric for you to fill with your own designs!


6 observations on “You can get them now!
  1. Julie Clark

    I picked up the Home Sweet Home at Hob Lob. I may adapt it be a little more “manly” because my son just bought a first home. I thought he might like something I made to hang on those blank walls. Thank you!

  2. miss lynn

    miss amy!
    this is big fat exciting news! how sweet! how lovely! i am so happy*happy*happy for you!!!!