tiny pincushions!


These tiny pincushions would be so cute as a charm! Imagine how cute little tiny pincushion earrings would be! Or a ring!


I made this tiny one in the same way you might make them in regular size…as a sort of stuffed yo-yo. Start by tracing the circle onto your felt. I traced a penny to make a finished pincushion about 3/8″ or, if using a scale ruler, about 4 tiny inches. See this post for an explanation of how to use a scale ruler to make your miniatures accurately to scale.


I doubled the thread and knotted the end, leaving a little tail. This is helpful for tying off once you’ve gathered the pincushion.


I stitched as small as I could all the way around the perimeter of the traced circle.


I trimmed around the circle and then cinched the thread. Before I cinched it all the way closed, I stuffed in a tiny ball of cotton.


I worked carefully to cinch the opening all the way closed, or as much as I could. I stitched around a few more times and tied both ends of the thread together to secure.


I trimmed the ends of the thread flush with the ball. The opening of the ball will be the bottom of the pincushion.


I used pearl cotton floss in green next. With a threaded needle, knotted at the end with a tail, I sewed through the ball, from the top to the bottom. I inserted the needle through the top again to make the first stitch, pulling tightly.






I continued around the ball with these stitches, pulling tightly, to create the pincushion’s sections.


Pull tightly and trim.


I used Martha Stewart’s Microbeads to make the pin tops. Boy are these tiny!


To make the pin part, I used very fine wire…the thinnest I have. (I’m not sure what gauge) I threaded the wire on a needle to make it easier to insert in the pincushion. The wire by itself bent when I tried on its own.



But first, using quick dry glue, I placed one of the microbeads on the very end of the wire. This proved tricky but what a great detail it is! The easiest way to do it is to cut a few 3″ lengths of the wire, glue a microbead on the end of each one. Wait for each to dry and then sew the wire through the pincushion, trimming the end. Make sure the bead is all the way on the tip of the wire, not on the side. It’s so hard to see though. It’s so much easier to see these details in a photograph than with the naked eye!


Shortcut: The teal pincushion above was made from a felt ball. I also used sequin pins, trimmed just a tad. I used the thin wire, inserted in the same way using a needle, to make the needles.


SO excited for Club Little House! Alfredo is excited too…and keeps coming up with new ideas for what he and I will make together. Also have some fun friends joining in the fun…maybe someone you know…hint, hint!


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