tiny christmas room

I’ve been working hard on the Christmas room box…you know the one I want to hide in our wall, viewable through an installed fairy door and accessible through a closet? Well, it’s yet to be installed (but Rich is going to try his best!)
And just look how darling it turned out…

I purchased this room box kit. Before I put it together, I covered the wall with vintage wallpaper from Hannah’s Treasures. Even though it wasn’t meant for a dollhouse, I thought the scale fit nicely. And isn’t the design charming? I just put a piece of wool felt down for the carpet….but I think an area rug will be nice.

Mercedes sent me a great tutorial for a tinsel tree. I used silver tinsel from Blumchen (but used silver pipecleaners for the trunk). I made ornaments from assorted beads.

But this box of ornaments was purchased…isn’t it sweet? 
I got it here (along with the slippers and old books!)

Do these stockings look okay? I wonder if they don’t look a bit too flat. Or maybe that’s because I know they are just cut from a single layer of felted wool sweater? I glued a bit of roving to the top to make fuzzy cuffs.

See that candelabra? It had ugly plastic shades…I covered them with a printed cupcake wrapper, cut to size.

And don’t you love that green velvet sofa? Another etsy purchase…from here. I bought the framed pictures from here. And the fireplace came unpainted from here.

Won’t it be wonderful to peek through a tiny door and see this?

So excited!
28 observations on “tiny christmas room
  1. Toni

    Wow I love this. I used to do rooms (not like this though) when I was a child and this has really inspired me and got me interested again. I never noticed the flat stocking until you said they were flat lol, great work.

  2. Danee

    are you serious? peek through a fairy door.I am stunned. What an amazing little project and you did a terrific job decorating. I want to move in.

  3. Amy

    Amy—I want to crawl into that room and live there!!! The box of Shiny-Brite ornaments is so sweet! Worth every penny. I think your room turned out so wonderfully!!!

    Crafting by Candlelight

  4. Amy

    I forgot to ask…

    Does this inspire you to do one for EVERY holiday? It would be so cool to look through the fairy door and see the little world changing with the seasons.


  5. Alice

    How darling! I love all the miniature items you added! My favorite has to be the shiny brite ornaments.

    I do you your husband is able to get this installed. How wonderful that would be.

  6. vivian

    this is just wonderful Amy! I am so going to do this. it’ll be after christmas though. what a delightful little room!
    merry christmas!

  7. Tracy Altieri

    I love, love, love this! I am going to give this a go for next year – too many things on the plate for this year. I think that if I start it early enough it will get done!

  8. Heather

    This is adorable and so inspiring. I love the things you sourced and plan to squirrel some away for ideas for my daughters doll house which is cute but needs a lot more love and patience than I seem to find time for. Great ideas!!

  9. Angela

    Amy this is sooo neat! You must’ve been the most imaginative child growing up. I know you must be an awesome mama, too! I’ve always loved dollhouses so this just makes me happy. Merry Christmas to you and the family. Alfredo is getting so big! God Bless

  10. Merci-Notes

    Amy, OH oH oH! I love your very very beautiful Christmas Room!!!
    It makes my heart smile and sing! Oh so beautiful in every detail!

    *been thinking a lot about you lately.. We had so much fun with your Stitch A Long! I saw a photo of a very sweet little girl, vintage a bit. She reminded me of you… her smile and love that seemed, for me, to immanent from this little girls photo… like you!

    Blessings and a wonderful family summer to YOU!
    With Kindness,

    * maybe you should host a summer Christmas Room Party?

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