the little room


I had to take my little room out to change the batteries in the motion-activated light so I thought I’d take some photos. It is almost impossible to take photos of the interior of this room while it’s installed. I can hardly fit the camera in the room, it’s dark, and there are some angles that are impossible to get.


I love details like this little tissue box and tissues! I like for the room to be just a little bit messy and lived-in. I can just imagine that some little person living in the little room has a bit of the sniffles, right?


This is a corner of the little room that I just can’t get the camera to shoot properly.


It does look a bit messy, doesn’t it? Where is the mom of this house to fuss at people for leaving a sandwich on the coffee table, a dessert on the side table, and a record on the floor? Someone could step on that record and break it! Do I look like I’m made of money and can just buy a new record because you were too lazy to pick up that one up??! Even miniature moms say stuff like that.

The slippers? Oh, those are mom’s! tee hee!


So, just in case you don’t know about our little room…it was a Christmas gift a few years ago. My husband, Rich installed this dollhouse door in a real wall in our home (the chalkboard wall). Behind the wall is our kitchen’s pantry. Opposite of this door, positioned inside the pantry, is a dollhouse room-box. It’s removable but kind of a pain to put in and out because all the little things fall all around. It looks like a miniature earthquake hit! So we usually access through the tiny door to decorate. Visitors, especially children, love to peek in and make little changes. I still haven’t found the log cabin canister when our little nieces redecorated for Thanksgiving!


Don’t you love the wreath on the door? It’s from Club Little House, years ago by Cindy.


See that little birdhouse? Mary Engelbreit made it for me! She’s so clever…guess what it is made from???


A lamp finial atop a little button! Isn’t that adorable?!

The pictures are framed scraps from magazines and catalogs as well as stickers. Some of the frames are made from bits of dresden. Others are miniature frames by Melissa Frances. The large frame over the fireplace is my favorite…it’s from an old tintype photo!

If you don’t have a dollhouse, don’t think you can’t join Club Little House! Any shelf or little box can become a little house. Sign up here.

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