seaside retreat

I’m just back from the girls-only birthday celebration/seaside retreat. We had so much fun. Lots of heart-to-hearts, laughs, potty-talk, and love. It was good for the soul. And our surroundings! You wouldn’t believe how beautiful my friend Claudia’s house is. Words just can’t describe…so, luckily for you, I took pictures.

I am hoping to send directions for the money book to all that have requested them by this evening. If I get too busy though, I’ll send them next week when I return from camping. Ann loved the money book. Here she is opening it…

We gave Claudia a karaoke machine and I can’t believe the neighbors didn’t call the police to report us for disturbing the peace. We (and by we, I mean me) were belting out tunes like “I will survive” and “Jitterbug”. No, I don’t think I should be auditioning for American Idol anytime soon.

The memory jars were a wonderful success. We so enjoyed collecting little mementos of the weekend and putting them all together in a jar. Here’s how they turned out…

We stopped on Ann’s birthday at a roadside stand to buy her a bouquet of her favorite, sunflowers…

Here we are at the boardwalk…

I have so much to do…I can’t believe we’re leaving tomorrow for camping. Panic is starting to creep in. Hope you enjoyed this photo-filled post.

38 observations on “seaside retreat
  1. Marjorie

    Amy, Your friends look as lovely and nice as you :) The memory jars are fantastic and your friend’s home? well, can I PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, move in!! Have fun camping~ and whew, as for camping, you’re a brave soul!!

  2. ~Vicki

    OK that’s it…I’m throwing everything outta my house and starting over!

    Love the memory jars too, what sweet treasures to have of your weekend with friends. Perfect!


    Amy: Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share these photos of this incredibly beautiful home. What great eye candy. I’m working diligently on my “Club Little House” project. Hope to finish in a few days.

  4. debiminlo

    Oh, dear Amy. What a wonderful adventure you had- and so beautiful! Thank you for posting. I’m pondering on your camping trip and sending you sympathetic thoughts- camping is only bearable with my little Italian stovetop espresso maker (I believe you have one of those…..)Nothing like a latte to make the outdoors more civilized!

  5. Dawn

    Thank you so much for giving us a glimpse into your special time with beloved friends. The photos are just perfect..and each is unique all by itself. Just.plain.yummy.
    Love it all!

  6. Kristy

    Whta delicious eye candy!Looks like you all had the best time.I love those memory jars. I think we might do some over the school holidays!

  7. gkgirl

    i don’t usually post,
    i’m a little more of a lurker
    but i have to say
    that house
    straight out of a magazine…

  8. Sarah

    Wow wow wow wow wow! That house. My husband would die in that sea of pastel, but it’s nice to dream, hahaha! I especially love that pillow!

  9. Jennifer

    Wow you lucky girl, looks like so much fun! That is my dream house I just adore it. Your memory jar idea and money book are fabulous!!

  10. Ginnie

    I am in the process of buying a new house and redo-ing it and I want it to look like Claudia’s when it grows up. That is just gorgeous!

  11. Lucinda Cummins

    What a beautiful home. It’s right out of a magazine! When you are able I would love directions to the 100 dollar book.
    Thanks, LC

  12. Crystal

    I just found your site- it is the neatest blog I have ever seen! What a wonderful beach house. Lucky!!! Could I please get the instructions for making the money book. Thanks, Crystal

  13. Kim

    Hasn’t Country Living found that house yet??? If not, someone needs to alert them, asap!

  14. Anonymous

    OMG that is the house of my dreams!!!! I absolutely LOVE the colors!!! We have the same shabby chic style of furniture but my husband would NEVER let me PAINT it!!! Thanks you for taking all the pictures.
    I, too would love to have directions for the money book. please. I can see that for all the grandbabies! How wonderful! Nothing they would love more and so much more fun for grammy than buying gift cards!

  15. Lauren

    That house is a delight! Such personality and charm.
    There is nothing like a girls weekend keep our spirit sprarkling!
    Love the jars!

  16. clarice

    WOW, I am quite green with envy what a amazing house and a wonderful trip. Thank you for sharing. Please tell your friend I LOVE the pink urns with the seashells. I am so glad you had a great time. Clarice

  17. shabbychicshar

    Love the house! I keep looking at the pictures to get new ideas for my house. We are going camping in three weeks so all the advice you have would be appreciated.

  18. Carol

    *stumbling in*

    Hi Amy,

    I love your blog!

    *just had to get that of my chest first*

    It’s very inspirational indeed! And that house of your friend is a dream in white, pink, mint green and roses, just gorgeous!

    I’ll be back!

  19. paige knudsen

    oh my….any little home with pink urns overflowing with seashells is an absolute dream!!!
    loved loved loved all the photos!
    & the memory jars…fabulous idea.
    always a pleasure visiting your blog.

  20. Melodee

    This is just amazing…I adore the photo of the chair with the kitty curled up sleeping and that fireplace with the seashells…ohhh man..at a loss for words…thanks for sharing the photos!

    The little memory jars are ADORABLE!

  21. Vintage Collage & Quilts

    Wonderful photos! The house is SOOO pretty – SOOO I am guessing no husband or a very wonderful one. I LOVE PINK & GREEN!

    Looks like you had a fantastic time. Thank you for sharing. I will be adding you as one of my fav’s. Love you store as well.


  22. Anonymous

    What a wonderful house, really it’s my dreamhouse, I just wish my home would look something like that someday. I love pink and green. I have found your blog just recently and it’s my favorite. I hope you do have time to send out all the instructions for the moneybook, that’s such a cool idea.
    My name is Kati and I live in Sweden.
    Hope you have a great campingtrip.

  23. Beth

    Please include belated response me on your list of folks who would love directions for your Money Book. What a great idea you have there. Thank you so very much for sharing. : )

  24. DivaDeb

    Amy! I just loooove what you ahve done with Little Amy…that green is just my absolute fave!

    And no wonder the magazine editors are chomping at the bit to get a peek at your friends’ home…absolutely charming. What a wonderful weekend for all of you!

  25. Hildy

    Hi- just stumbled across your site thru others and wow! What a beautiful house and what fun you all had. Is it still possible to get the instructions for the money book? What a great idea that is! I can see making a few of those for my daughters- they’d love it. Thanks in advance-brownsack@mac.com

  26. Alicia P.

    . . . Say it again here — my eyes — it’s too beautiful — must — look — away — now. Amy, what did you do to your camera and your friends to make them both love you so much. Nevermind, I know. Just you being lil ole sweet lil you. Incredibly fantastic. So glad you are having such a grand summer. LOVE the boardwalk pics.