prayer box

I know this is the last day of school for lots of kids out there but we’re still going. Another week and a half to go. Yay! I’m so excited for summer! Alfredo and I are already planning all the fun days we’ll have. Mostly we are just so excited about hanging out together.

I wanted to show you this little teacher gift we are making for all of Alfredo’s teachers. I’m so excited about it. I got the idea from this.

praymore prayerbox


I’m so excited about this gift! And the best part about it is the cost. I bought the tins from here for about $1 and some change each. I printed the graphics onto watercolor paper (that’s one of my favorite tricks…the texture is amazing!) Then I cut watercolor paper into 2″ x 2.5″ rectangles. Added a golf pencil (you can buy them at Staples).

We’re going to give one each to all of his teachers, and the ladies in the office too!

Just in case you want to make your own, Feel free to use┬áthe graphics I made. You’ll just round the corners of both papers. I used my little Xyron to make them into stickers and Alfredo’s job is to stick them in place.


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  1. Eugenia

    Just lovely. This coming Thursday is the last day of school for our little ones and my oldest turns 27. Yikes it goes so fast.

    xxxooo e