Learn a stitch: Whipped Backstitch

A Million Little Ways

I started reading this book a couple of months ago at the recommendation of a parent of one of Alfredo’s classmates. I pick it up, read a little bit, and let it soak in. It is such an amazing book. I love it so. I’m about three-quarters through and I find myself reading it even more slowly, just to make it last. So good…so good.

Learn a stitch: Blanket stitch & buttonhole

p.s. It’s Rich’s birthday! Happy Birthday to my sweetheart!

Congratulations, Nancy!

Nancy Wyatt won the little doll I made. Thank you so much, Nancy, for your generous winning bid.

I spent the morning preparing her for the journey to Nancy…

IMG_9299 copy

I boxed her up in a pretty perfume box. I cut down the back of the insert and used that to arrange the doll and all her little things.

IMG_9300 copy

I used tiny bits of washi tape, little pins, and a clothespin to hold the bits and pieces down.

IMG_9301 copy

And I added some bright yellow batting to the top of the box for extra cushioning.

IMG_9302 copy

She’s ready to go. I just need to find a shipping box and then I’ll send her on her way!

Auction for Catherine!

The auction for Catherine is on and it is so full of wonderful things…Here is just a sampling

I’m in love with the spoons Jenn makes and I would love to have a set of 3 to represent our family…



I love this pink haired cutie:



And I don’t even have words for how adorable this painting is, especially since it was painted by Catherine’s darling little Fiona:



Couldn’t you just eat it up? And just look at those sweet eyes peering over the top! I could just put her in my pocket!

And my little doll is over there too:


The auction is located here: http://instagram.com/auctionforcatherine  Simply add your bid in the comments, along with your email address.