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my television summer

We had one television when I was little. The dial broke off and we had to use a wrench to turn the channel. Forget about remote control. When this set was struck by lightning, we went without a television for what seemed like years. Other children would talk about all the great things they’d seen on tv the night before and I’d just have to listen without contributing anything.

One summer though everything changed. Somehow I got my hands on a small black and white television. I cleaned out my closet…even took out the clothes. On one side of the closet, I put a beanbag chair. On the other side, the television on a little table. I found a fan that had belonged to my grandfather–the sort of fan with wide gaps in the cover inviting little fingers to be cut off. The fan went under the television table.

This was way before everyone had cable. I knew the exact configuration of the two antennae to get the best reception for all 8 channels. I knew when I need foil balls on the ends and when I didn’t. I had to turn off the fan for some channels since it interfered with the reception.

There was a part of the newspaper called the “Green Section” which had a grid for all of the week’s television schedules. Every week as soon as this section came, I studied it. I mapped out my entire days according to the schedule. My favorite things to watch were reruns of Gidget and Laverne and Shirley. I filled my days with all sorts of reruns, one after another.

There was a downtime when nothing was on but the evening news. This was usually dinnertime so I’d have to come down to eat anyway. If I happened to have 69 cents in my pocket, I would ask if I could walk to the grocery store (just a block away) and buy a box of Crunch N Munch or Fiddlefaddle (whichever was on sale for 69 cents that week). After dinner, I would return to my tv closet and eat my caramel coated popcorn and watch the primtime selections until bedtime.

I recall that my parents did not approve of the way I chose to spend this entire summer. But it lasted exactly one summer. And when I think back on it, I think of it as one of my best summers…spent drinking pepsi and milk with Laverne and Shirley and plotting crazy schemes with LaRue and Gidget.

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my fruitful youth

When I was little I spent my summer days, from dawn to dusk, doing whatever I pleased. I once took on the project of covering the apple tree with nails. I don’t know why no one stopped me from doing this because I killed that poor tree. I also used all of my father’s nails. After I nailed them all into the poor tree, I wound yarn and ribbon from one nail to the next. It was really a sight to see…and would have been an even better project if I hadn’t killed the poor tree.

My friends and I were quite fond of eating the tiny sour fruit from this particular tree. We would always eat way too many and would roll around on the ground groaning with a stomach ache. Still, we were sad to see this tree die. There was another apple tree which bore “wine apples”. We couldn’t climb this tree and when the apples fell to the ground they were rotten and slimy. We’d slip on them all the time. My grandfather used to pluck them from the tree (he was taller, you see) and take out his whittlin’ knife to cut chunks of apple for a little snack. They were sweet and we never once had a stomach ache from those beauties.

We children ate quite a bit from “the fat of the earth”. If we were out playing and were in the alley behind Mr. Hancock’s house we ate cherries from his tree…and cherry tomatoes from his garden! We suckled honeysuckle…I even once plucked a big tigerlily from Viola’s garden and tried it as well. I didn’t die so it must not be poisonous but it didn’t taste nearly as nice as honeysuckle. If we were playing in the backyard and needed a snack, we’d pull radishes and carrots straight out of our garden, beat the dirt off using the side of our leg and maybe (just maybe) we’d rinse it off with the garden hose. I distinctly remember the grit of dirt between my teeth so I’m sure this sort of thorough cleaning happened only rarely.

Next I’ll tell you about my television summer, lest you think I was purely a nature girl.

I played hooky today…

I’ve been working really hard lately and decided to fly the coop for a little while. I went to one of my favorite places and boy did I find a lot of great things.

Looky! Looky!

I love everything but especially the little child’s size suitcase. I use suitcases to house my projects that I’m working on (and I’m always working on lots at once). This way, I can pack everything back into the suitcase when I need to get it out of the way…and then I stack them and stash them all around my family room. This little one will be good for my smaller projects.

I also love the pastel frosted glasses. Don’t they look like just the thing for a tall glass of sweet tea? Actually, they look like something you might sip a mint julep from! The teacups are just exquisite…and were a real bargain. And I’m a sucker for old photographs. Oh, and the hatbox! Isn’t it fabulous? How could I resist? Let me just say, I was not in the mood to resist!

What do you think? Didn’t I get some great things?