Day two: Florence

I love everything about Florence!



We visited the Duomo, of course. Breathtakingly beautiful!

Mostly though we strolled the lovely, often narrow, streets of Florence. Among the wonderful shops we discovered was the most beautiful candy shop.



We are staying at an apartment in a building that used to be a convent. Just look at the beautiful flowers in the courtyard.


This is the doorway to the courtyard…


Next stop, the estate for La Dolce Vita!

Day one: Stuck in Paris


My outbound flight was delayed causing me to miss my connection to Florence. The next available flight wasn’t for 9 hours so I made the most of it and treated myself to macarons and a manicure.

By the time I arrived in Florence, met by my sweet friends Lorraine, Joel, Betsy, & Ed, I was just a bit wilted. Luckily, Joel had a foot bath waiting for me.


summer fun passport




I made Summer Fun Passports for all the kids in Alfredo’s class. They were a big hit! I thought I’d share them with you too.



You’ll need a $1 brag book photo album from Walmart (they are designed to hold 24 photos…you can get these at the dollar store too but they have many more pages. More fun, yes…but you’ll need to make your own pages to make up the difference.)


Discard the covers and use this file to print passport covers (you’ll trim to fit in the front and back pockets).

One of the easy things about this project is that you can print directly onto 4″ x 6″ unruled index cards! Here is the pdf of the inside pages. Print them out onto index cards and insert one paper per page, front and back. Easy peezy.




Each page includes a fun Summery thing to do. The idea is that this summer after you do the fun thing, you’ll put a little star sticker over the box. Do everything in the book and have a super fun summer, guaranteed!



I tucked the stars in the front pocket for easy access.

Have fun making these for your kiddos or grands!


Club Little House Reveal

Look at all the wonderful Club Little House Littles!

  • clublittlehouse
    Club Little House assortment. Cake by Alisa Petersen. Macarons by Lauren Whittaker. Silver cup by Debbi Greenlee.
  • alisacakes
    Cakes by Alisa Petersen.
  • amyembroideries
    Embroideries by Amy Powers.
  • amyembroideries2
    Sewing bag by Amy Powers
  • ashleyflowers
    Floral arrangements by Ashley Bidwell.
  • beccipaintings
    Assemblages by Becci Bybee.
  • bethebouquet
    Bridesmaid bouquets by Bethe Cunningham.
  • carolwreath
    Wreath by Carol Schmitt.
  • claudiarackandcrate
    Rack and crate by Claudia Hill.
  • claudiarackandcrate2
    Rack and crate by Claudia Hill.
  • crystalpillows
    Pillows by Crystal Wisniewski.
  • debbiesilvercup
    Silver teacup by Debbi Greenlee.
  • debbiesilvercup2
    Silver teacup by Debbi Greenlee.
  • debbiespillows
    Embroidered pillows by Debbie Reed.
  • debbiespillows2
    Embroidered pillows by Debbie Reed.
  • debbybabies
    Babies by Debby Messner.
  • eileenmirrors
    Mirrors by Eileen Hull.
  • franciechest2
    Chests by Francie Thornton.
  • franciechest
    Chests by Francie Thornton.
  • gailsigns
    Signs and tray by Gail Swain.
  • janinecat
    Cats by Janine Slaatte.
  • jeanniecases1
    Suitcases by Jeannie DeGruccio.
  • jennsbuntingandcrown
    Bunting and crown by Jen Kershner.
  • kerriemaps
    Maps and school posters by Kerrie More.
  • kimbirthdayparty
    Birthday party by Kim Thomas.
  • laurenmacarons
    Macarons by Lauren Whittaker.
  • lindavalentines
    Valentines by Linda Coppom.
  • lorraineslippers
    Bunny slippers by Lorraine Rose.
  • lorraineslippers2
    Bunny slippers by Lorraine Rose.
  • lynneponds
    Goldfish ponds by Lynne Hoffman.
  • lynneponds2
  • marybellpaintings
    Paintings by Mary Bell.
  • Maryelizabethwreath
    Wreaths by Mary Elizabeth Caverly.
  • maryepaintings
    Tiny original paintings by Mary Engelbreit.
  • patsalads
    Miniature tossed salads by Pat Wehmeier.
  • pegrugs
    Rag rugs by Peg Vessels.
  • sallybirdhouses
    Gourd birdhouses by Sally Berryman.
  • senahats
    Derby hats by Sena Garrett.
  • shellyblankets
    Crocheted blankets by Shelly Rawlins.
  • sherrybowls
    Wheel thrown bowls by Sherry Zehner.
  • sherrybowls2
    Wheel thrown bowls by Sherry Zehner.
  • stacyartset
    Art supplies by Stacy Costner.
  • tracydoor
    Screen door by Tracy Brewer.
  • viviantables
    Side tables by Vivian Neroni.

The Club Little House boxes are on their way to all the members. Some received their littles today. Others will get them tomorrow or Monday.

prayer box

I know this is the last day of school for lots of kids out there but we’re still going. Another week and a half to go. Yay! I’m so excited for summer! Alfredo and I are already planning all the fun days we’ll have. Mostly we are just so excited about hanging out together.

I wanted to show you this little teacher gift we are making for all of Alfredo’s teachers. I’m so excited about it. I got the idea from this.

praymore prayerbox


I’m so excited about this gift! And the best part about it is the cost. I bought the tins from here for about $1 and some change each. I printed the graphics onto watercolor paper (that’s one of my favorite tricks…the texture is amazing!) Then I cut watercolor paper into 2″ x 2.5″ rectangles. Added a golf pencil (you can buy them at Staples).

We’re going to give one each to all of his teachers, and the ladies in the office too!

Just in case you want to make your own, Feel free to use the graphics I made. You’ll just round the corners of both papers. I used my little Xyron to make them into stickers and Alfredo’s job is to stick them in place.