I love Doris Day…

Oh how I love Doris Day! This brand new collection of 8 of her DVD’s is wonderful. My favorite of these 8? “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies”! It’s just so kitschy and fun.

My all-time-favorite Doris Day film is “The Thrill of it All”, with a close second of “Pillow Talk”. I adore studying the fashions and decor especially in these two.

I also love listening to Doris Day. My favorite song is “Everybody Loves a Lover”. It’s such a happy song and I love walking around some mundane place like the grocery store with this tune stuck in my head.

3 observations on “I love Doris Day…
  1. Waterfall

    Hello Amy! The blog looks good! I had a great time a Trail Days and a wonderful two-week hike. I’m enjoying my freedom, even though I’m poor as a churchmouse now. Oh well, at least I’m doing what I love, and there is something to be said for that.

    I’ll add you to my blogroll and say a little something about your blog on “A Sort of Notebook” tomorrow. Love you!

  2. Kim

    Hi Amy – Just poking around your blog and all sorts of places online today. Ah yes Doris Day. I love the kitchy fashions and her apartment is sooo Ballard Catalog! I marvel at the whole social scene in those movies – it is somewhat simple and yet so completely and awsomely complex. I tried to explain all of it to my 13 year old daughter – I am sure it got lost there. I love a good DD movie on a rainy Sunday with cookies!
    Kim, Carlsbad