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French Knot

Now that we’re back in school, I have time to do things like record a Learn a Stitch video. Yay! Enjoy!

Craft Happy!

I don’t even want to begin about how long it has been since I’ve been around. One word answer: Summer! Please forgive me for ignoring this blog, esp. not continuing the posts about Italy or working on the stitchalong. Next week is back to school which, for me hopefully will be back to blog.

Meanwhile, we’re re-releasing 5 of my favorite projects in a new version of Craft Happy over at Big Picture Classes. Check it:

Registration is now open for the class. The class starts in about a month (Oct. 2). See here for more info and to register.

The new round of Happy-Go-Lucky, including live interaction in the forms of a message board and chats, started today. It’s not too late to jump aboard. I’d love to have you. See here. 


You can get them now!

I’m so excited to tell you that you can now purchase any of my 4 sampler designs over at Amazon! Outlines of the designs, including the grid and the border, are printed directly onto the fabric. All you have to do is stitch over them! Easy peasy! Floss and extras are included in the kit.

Click any of the images to purchase. Choose from:

Wedding (You can personalize the center square with the lucky couple’s names and date)



Home (This one is also available at Hobby Lobby)



Crafty (My personal favorite!)


Baby (You can personalize the center square with the baby’s name and info)



Also available is a blank grid and frame printed on fabric for you to fill with your own designs!



Happy Go Lucky…live again!

Registration is now open for another round of Happy Go Lucky as a workshop, including new live chats and active forums!

Take $5 off subscription price using the code: STITCH5

And if you signed up for Happy Go Lucky the first time ’round and want to join in the fun again, use the code STITCH75 to get in for just $5!! (You have forever access to the archived class but this will get you in for the live classroom interaction!)

Class starts August 21 and runs for 2 weeks.

To register, click here. And let’s get happy!

Learn a stitch: Whipped Backstitch