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Craft Happy!

I don’t even want to begin about how long it has been since I’ve been around. One word answer: Summer! Please forgive me for ignoring this blog, esp. not continuing the posts about Italy or working on the stitchalong. Next week is back to school which, for me hopefully will be back to blog.

Meanwhile, we’re re-releasing 5 of my favorite projects in a new version of Craft Happy over at Big Picture Classes. Check it:

Registration is now open for the class. The class starts in about a month (Oct. 2). See here for more info and to register.

The new round of Happy-Go-Lucky, including live interaction in the forms of a message board and chats, started today. It’s not too late to jump aboard. I’d love to have you. See here. 


Happy Go Lucky…live again!

Registration is now open for another round of Happy Go Lucky as a workshop, including new live chats and active forums!

Take $5 off subscription price using the code: STITCH5

And if you signed up for Happy Go Lucky the first time ’round and want to join in the fun again, use the code STITCH75 to get in for just $5!! (You have forever access to the archived class but this will get you in for the live classroom interaction!)

Class starts August 21 and runs for 2 weeks.

To register, click here. And let’s get happy!

pam’s dream studio


My friend Pam has had an exciting life of travel. Her husband’s career has consisted of a series of assignments in exotic parts of the world, including the Middle East. At each post, Pam, her husband Jouni, and their four children would establish a new home. It was a challenge without a doubt, especially when they were living in areas of combat. Pam encouraged her family to embrace these adventures although it must have been a real challenge for a family who was routinely uprooted. Another challenge for Pam was to find a place in each of these new homes for creating her art. Pam, an accomplished artist, continued to create art while raising a family abroad and being transplanted every year or so.

I met Pam about ten years ago, when she and her family returned to their home in the DC Suburbs. She dreamed of creating a studio space where her art could take root. Years of making do or going without had made her hungry for a studio of her own. Years of dreaming made the dream specific…she knew exactly what she wanted. And years of dreaming had made her a bit less patient.

And now, her dream is coming true…

Pam’s studio


I visited Pam’s studio in progress on Sunday. It doesn’t take much imagination to see how beautiful this studio is going to be.


This fabulous space is being built above her garage and will be attached to her home. Pam knew that she wanted plenty of North-facing windows as well as pretty South-facing palladian windows. She wanted tall Cathedral ceilings and exposed beams.


Gazing out the windows, it felt like I was in a treehouse…better yet, a nest! Pam has big plans for creating art in this space. But lucky for you and me, she is also going to open up her studio regularly for teaching and hosting classes. If you are a DC-area local, I know you will be excited to hear this news as our area is seriously lacking in this department. She’s envisioning the classes to be focused on learning a skill. If you have any ideas of what sorts of classes she should offer, I know she’s interested in hearing them. Visit her blog and let her know.


Vermont was lovely! and some other news…

I can’t believe it’s already been a week since I boarded a plane for our crafty getaway. It was so lovely…and, although the time moved nice and slow and we were able to savor every delicious moment, it’s over and back to regular old life.

Well, not quite. Thanks to the government shut down, that sweetie pie Rich is home, repainting every room in the house. Poor Alfredo never wants to go to school anymore…I suppose he imagines us having a party without him everyday.

Meanwhile, there IS a party going on over at my Big Picture Class, Craft Happy! I hope you’re not missing it. (You can sneak in if you hurry! but hurry!)

And, just in case you need something to sweeten the deal, did you know I’m doing giveaways in the class? And some really, really, really good ones. For instance, today’s giveaway:

Doesn’t that make you want to PLAY? Me, too!
A great big thank you to my friends over at EKSuccess for providing this fabulous giveaway prize.
p.s. Maybe you can tell from all my square photos that I have finally jumped on to the Instagram fun wagon. Follow me: @amykpowers and be sure to check out #craftygetaway and #meleenandcharlottesvermontgetaway

craft happy…coming up!

Isn’t that a pretty scarf? It’s one of my favorite projects that I’m sharing in Craft Happy, which starts Thursday.

There’s still time to sign up and save…the $15 off offer plus free Happy Go Lucky class offer ends today. Just use the code HAPPYHAPPY at checkout (code expires today!). Sign up here. Then go back and add Happy Go Lucky Stitchalong to your cart, use the code CRAFTGIRL, and get it for FREE! Save a total of $30!

See you in class!