birthday bash

I have lots to show you. I was going to wait until after the birthday bash but it’s just too good to wait. Ann and Linda, avert your eyes so you don’t ruin the surprise.

These are what I’m calling “birthday rings”. I am going to offer them online with adorable packaging. Luckily, though, they arrived just in time for me to share with the two birthday girls.

I made one of these for each of us…sort of scrapbooking in a jar.

I included a few truly vintage tags and fun embellishments and we’ll add mementos from the weekend, like maybe extinguished birthday candles, a wine label, and other little things to remind us of the fun weekend.

And this…

is what I made for my friend Ann’s birthday present. Maybe you remember my post about this money book back in December when I made one for my mother.

The secret to making this is to use hot glue (and plenty of it!) to make a sort of pad of the stack of dollar bills. It doesn’t hurt the money one little bit and the recipient can just tear off a buck when she needs it.

If you want complete instructions, leave your email address in a comment. Remember that I’m going to be away most of this week, okay?

85 observations on “birthday bash
  1. bev

    Juat found your blog (thanks MO) and love all your creative STUFF! Would love the directions for the stacked $$. THANKS!

  2. Anonymous

    please, oh please, send me instructions!!! your memory jars and money book are “fantabulous” as my seven year old likes to say. your friend’s house is beautiful.

  3. shirley

    What an awesome idea!! Please, I would love a copy of the instuctions. Hope you all have a fab time!!

  4. Tracy

    i’m hoping i’m not to late to the party here. i would also love the instructions for your money book. thanks so much :-)

  5. Serena

    Found your blog via Alicia – love your camping setup. I’d definitely live there for awehile. Love the money book idea too! Can you send me the instructions please?! craftyresearcher at gmail dot com. Thanks!!! I’ll definitely be adding your blog to my reading list!

  6. Melissa Pride

    Would you send me the instructions for the
    darling “money book”? What a neat gift.

  7. MommaKay

    I love stumbling across such beautiful blogs by such creative women! if you are still offering, please send me instructions for the money book.


  8. Ann

    Yes, please..I would love the instructions for the money book too!
    Thanks so much, ( so much more fun than a gift card)!

  9. Anonymous

    I just know your blog and i love it! Im from Mexico and i´d like you send me the instructions of this gift, please. I liked very much… you are an excellent designer! My email is nydiasr@hotmail.com