birthday bash

I have lots to show you. I was going to wait until after the birthday bash but it’s just too good to wait. Ann and Linda, avert your eyes so you don’t ruin the surprise.

These are what I’m calling “birthday rings”. I am going to offer them online with adorable packaging. Luckily, though, they arrived just in time for me to share with the two birthday girls.

I made one of these for each of us…sort of scrapbooking in a jar.

I included a few truly vintage tags and fun embellishments and we’ll add mementos from the weekend, like maybe extinguished birthday candles, a wine label, and other little things to remind us of the fun weekend.

And this…

is what I made for my friend Ann’s birthday present. Maybe you remember my post about this money book back in December when I made one for my mother.

The secret to making this is to use hot glue (and plenty of it!) to make a sort of pad of the stack of dollar bills. It doesn’t hurt the money one little bit and the recipient can just tear off a buck when she needs it.

If you want complete instructions, leave your email address in a comment. Remember that I’m going to be away most of this week, okay?

85 observations on “birthday bash
  1. Heidi

    Thanks for sharing! I saw the money book when you posted it in December and made one for a graduation gift this spring–it was a HUGE hit!

    What a fun weekend is in store for you! :)

  2. Knit Chick

    The money book is a fantastic idea – but it won’t work for us canadians… our smallest bill is the 5$ (our 1 and 2 dollars are both coins!) Great idea tho!

  3. Anonymous

    Amy- you must be the sweetest,most thoughtful friend ever! I am sure the will be just giddy over the gifts. please send me instructions for the money book when you get the chance :) thanks! clmfrommd@mchsi.com

  4. teresa

    oh you KNOW i love that book of bills!! And the adorable poem that goes with it. And the preciously perfect birthday jar. Oh, Amy Poo, you rock!!

  5. sjdecorates

    I am always inspired by your blogs, which reflect your generous spirit and great creativity. I am a friend of Frou-frou Holly’s. I’d love the instructions for the bill book if you get a chance…..I’m at suzanne@joffrions.net
    Thanks so much!!!

  6. Anonymous

    Amy, This is such a great idea. What a fun time you all must have. Enjoy every moment of your weekend. Add me to the fan club for the money book. Laurie dalahodson@msn.com

  7. Pam

    Amy- you are amazing! What thoughtful gifts you have made for your friends, and how fortunate they are to have you as a personal friend. I pop in on you everyday to see how you have expressed your fun and creative spirit in everything that you do, and it’s rubbing off on me! I would love to get the cash book instructions so I can make one too. myblisstwo@aol.com

  8. Kidzkatz

    Oooh! Count me in…I’d like instructions too. :) What a great gift, for young & old alike. Clever! katzinbaskets@yahoo

  9. Anonymous

    There isn’t anything I can say
    that hasn’t been said.
    Love the birthday rings.
    Love the jar.
    Love the money book.
    Please add me to the list for
    the instructions.

  10. Lauren

    Wonderful ideas! One of my dear friends birthday is coming up, and I’m going to borrow your ideas for her gift. So, I’d love the instructions for the money book too! lelliott@nc.rr.com

  11. LisaW

    I would love these directions! I was first turned on to your blog when I saw your post (the book just like this one) on Teresa McFaddens blog last winter. I check back often.