bell jar ornaments

We were inspired by these awesome ornaments and decided to make our own. Check the link for great photos and a tutorial on how to make your own using plastic wineglasses from the dollar store!

I used the paper doll illustration from Claudine and made little Shrinky Dink Alfredos. We made about a dozen of these and could easily make more.

Alfredo made most of the scenes himself and then we used a bit of Snow Tex on the base. It was a quick and easy project and the results are dazzling.  

Alfredo made this one for my niece who was married this year.
7 observations on “bell jar ornaments
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  2. Bevy

    I made these ornaments this year …love your idea for the shrinky dinks. I put little banners on my trees that said things like “Fenton Christmas” (hometown), “Garage Sale Queen”, “Fairy Garden Christmas”, etc. I used some things from my mother’s house like thimbles and spools too. She passed away this year. May have to use your idea for next Christmas. I can be looking all year for the small stuff!